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Susan Felder

Kathy Fish

Taylor Dow

"Elizabeth understands how dogs think and behave. Most people love their dogs but don’t know how to train them. Elizabeth takes untrained dogs and trains the owners. Well behaved dogs are a safety for themselves and for others. I am learning about and enjoying my better-behaved dog."

"My husband and I are impressed with Elizabeth’s knowledge of dogs, we learned a lot from her. We loved to see how much she truly loved our dogs. She got our dogs to trust her within less than 3 minutes. The dogs loved having room to run around and play with the other dogs. Pax is doing great 😀. Thank you for all your love and kindness"

"Elizabeth is helping me to learn how to train my dog. After day one for about 4 hours I saw an improvement in him. I would recommend her to anyone to help train their dog!! It's such a good feeling to see a change in your fur baby for the better and without Elizabeth's help, I wouldn't have had that."

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