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From the smallest puppies to the biggest dogs, I promise that your dog will be taken care of, loved, and most importantly, a happily well behaved member of society

The Dog Obedience Group

I do not accept all dogs. Your dog will be interviewed and inspected by me when I meet you and your dog(s). This interview process is to insure that your dog will not hurt me, the trainer, or other dogs in my care. I care for the smallest teacup dogs to very big dogs. However, all dogs must submit to my basic commands. If a dog shows that its temperament is untrustworthy, you will be given advice and let go. This interview process is free. Some owners think our daycare is like letting your dog out in a dog park.  It is not.  ElizabethAndDogs daycare is structured, with training sessions, monitored free play sessions and rest sessions outside and inside my home.  A dog not having good manners needs special help to train him into good manners.

- Jeff D

"I thought I was a good dog owner a good dog trainer until I met Elizabeth. She explained to me so much about the dogs diet the personality and how to build them up to be the best pets that they can be for you. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone That has passed the Dog Obedience Group is the best thing that ever happened to our us and our pets."

- Nora H

"Top Grade!!! We have been using Elizabeth's service for about 5 years and we value her love and care for our dog, Echo. He is not the easiest dog to train or care for, but with Elizabeth's help and guidance we have a much better and behaved pet. All we have to say to him is " let's go see Elizabeth and your friends" and he's looking for his leash. We recommend her to anyone who needs training or boarding. Thanks again!!"

- Jennie l

"I brought my one year old rescue potcake to Elizabeth and she was incredibly informative and helpful on how to train him. She let him stay overnight as I had health issues and my dog already in 24 hours is obeying more than he was before meeting her. I will come back for more training. Thank you Elizabeth!"

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